Sunday, January 2, 2011


Thousands of years ago this Earth was filled with everything we would need as human beings to survive. Fresh water, fruits, vegetables, herbs, wheat, grains, and meat were all given to us in abundance to consume and produce. Eat What I Created is my idea of returning to the way we were supposed to be eating from the beginning. I'm taking the next 90 days to completely change what I eat. It's a pretty simple concept. Before I eat anything I will ask myself one question, "Is this found in Creation"? If it is, GREAT, I know my body will be able to use it properly for my health. If it's not I won't eat it. Chances are it was made in a huge factory by some corporation in order to mass produce food to make a profit; all the while putting my health at risk unbeknownst to me. Our bodies were never designed to run on Doritos. They can, for a short while, but there's a tremendous price to pay. Whenever we add something to what was originally placed here on this Earth we alter Creation.
Eat What I Created culminates my entire life and quest for shedding unwanted pounds, trying to eat healthy, trying to follow lists of foods I should or shouldn't eat. It's a simple concept to just stop and take a good honest look at what I am eating. Does it come from Creation? Was it put here for us? You'll find if you use that as a guide, it's so much easier than adhering to programs and eating pre-packaged foods, counting calories or following a list of "no-nos". Just ask yourself, "Is this found in Creation". It's almost like God has been telling us all along, "just eat what I created, and you will be fine".
The possibilities are endless! Everything is there for me to enjoy: fruits, nuts, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, even breads! It's all there, it's all found in Creation.
The Eat What I Created Blog will also be packed with all kinds of pictures, videos and recipes that are full of flavor and packed with all-natural ingredients that were put here for us to enjoy by our Creator.


  1. I LOVEEEEE THIS. OH Greg, i can just picture all the cooking it will inspire in the process....


  2. Thanks Luz. My first day was GREAT!