Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3 - Eat What I Created...from Safeway!

I went to the nearby Safeway in North Bend, WA this afternoon determined to find food worthy of the "Eat What I Created" plan.  Also, to show people you don't have to shop at Whole Foods or some other organic all-natural market just to find healthy food.  By all means, if you have money in your budget and there is one of those stores nearby, I highly recommend shopping at an organic market because it eliminates a lot of guess work!
I found SO much good stuff at Safeway (which is the same as Vons) and inexpensive too, especially with a club card.  All natural olive/rosemary bread (wheat flour, evoo, yeast, salt, kalamata olives), of course all of their fresh produce, a big jar of Mario Batali pasta sauce, frozen all natural sausage, Maranatha all-natural peanut butter,  kettle chips with sea salt (potatoes, sunflower oil, salt), fresh wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon, and nice chunk of local artisan cheese made at Beecher's down on Pike St. in Seattle.  I scored!!!
So, be encouraged, you don't have to shop at snooty, organic markets just to stay on the Eat What I Created Plan.  I read the label on all of these items and they ALL contain ingredients simply found in creation!
Enjoy some photo's from Beecher's Cheese on Pike St. in downtown Seattle.


  1. *drool*
    mmmmmmmmm ~ cheese :)

  2. Luz, have you hear of Beecher's? The flagship cheese (cheddar) is amazing!!! Gina and I scarfed it down tonight!

  3. i have and i have had some..i'm so jealous (in a healthy, loving way of course ;)