Thursday, January 6, 2011


We went back to Pike St. Marketplace this afternoon, specifically for a taste of Beecher's Handmade Cheeses.  Gina wanted to try the grilled cheese sandwich, and I noticed that their Mac & Cheese was one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" so I had to investigate.  The Mac & Cheese is SO famous that they have the recipe displayed in the store (  I am here to report that it is one of the BEST mac & cheeses I have ever tasted.   Their own flagship and jack cheese, with swiss gruyere...WHOA!!!
Everything in this recipe is found in creation.  Now granted, the pasta and the sauce both have all-purpose flour, which isn't really found in creation because of the bleaching agents they use.  So, if I was going to make this at home I would find an 100% organic unbleached flour.  Everything else in their recipe is great!  Their cheeses are all-natural and handmade, so just make sure you find all-natural cheeses if you're going to stick to the program and make it yourself.  Or, just save yourself the hassle and order it online and have it shipped to your house :)
So I was thinking, there are a lot of rich foods like this that can be bought or made at home that fall under the "EWIC" plan, but you definitely can't live off of food like this, it's great once in a while but not all the time.  At the same time, the core of this program is not to put you under a bunch of rules either.  We've been given every good thing from the beginning for our bodies to use as food to eat and enjoy in abundance.  We've also been given self-control, we just need to access it!
So, I came up with a tag line, "Eat What I Created: in moderation and temperance".  Moderation is balance and freedom, temperance is self-control.
Eat What I Created means that we have the FREEDOM, and we've been given the SELF-CONTROL to enjoy everything that has been put here on this Earth


  1. This is a wonderful concept! I am so proud of you, Greg! You are an excellent writer. I am inspired. I'll be following!
    Love Codie

  2. Thank you Codie, I appreciate that coming from you!