Monday, January 3, 2011

Don't shred the cheese...cut the cheese!

Breakfast this morning consisted of a few shots of espresso with foamed all-natural half and half, and a big omelet with leftover roasted vegetables and mozzarella cheese.
As I was about to open the pack of Kroger brand finely shredded mozzarella cheese I read the ingredients list on the back.  There were a few additives that made me raise an eyebrow: Calcium Sulfate (to prevent caking) and Natamycin (to prevent mold).  I Google'd both ingredients and found that Calcium Sulfate and Natamycin are "naturally occurring" chemicals, however Natamycin in regular doses causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Also, both ingredients are not legal worldwide for consumption.  They have strict guidelines in the E.U. as to how they are to be used.  Well, that was enough for me!
Then I took out the 1 pound block of Frigo brand mozzarella cheese and examined the ingredients...Skim Milk, Enzymes (Rennet), and Salt...BINGO!  Of course, there's no substitute for fresh mozzarella when available (you know, the kind that usually comes packed in water...delicious!...and natural).  Sure you have to spend an extra 30 seconds shredding your own cheese, but it tastes better, it melts better and you don't have to be concerned about bizarre chemicals in your body.  So, cut your own cheese, beware when buying it pre-shredded.
By the way, the omelet was AMAZING!!  Check out the pictures.



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